If you're being spammed from this domain then please know it's not me and I haven't got a clue how the spammer got my email address and was able to send the spam but it's got nothing to do with me or this site. The domain name and hosting is up for renewal in April 2013 and I'm going to move it to a host I know and trust so hopefully they will stop using my domain name to spam you after that!

UPDATE ~ I've now moved the whole site to the host that I trust and I haven't had any "we couldn't deliver the email" messages since I changed (that's how I knew a spammer was at work) so hopefully that's it now :-)

All I can say is that I'm so so sorry!

Now onto what this site is really about!

If you share Amanda's passions for reading and children, either because you are a parent or because you are a children's author or because you are a publisher or agent then this is the site for you!

Amanda has been a bookworm since she first learnt to read and she loves seeing children's reactions to stories that they are either reading themselves or being read to.

Amanda is qualified to work with children aged 12 months to 7 years 11 months and it's her dream to own her own nursery school.

This is me... I love being able to put a face to a name so I wanted to share what I look like with all of you too! It's a terrible looking video so don't laugh too hard! lol

A short video introduction to Amanda

If you want access to the secret parts of this site and want to be the first to know about new things Amanda has found out about, feel free to join the site here.

Amanda is in the process of getting an app made for children's writers. There will be 3 options to use:
1) A free version that expires after 45 days and only has 10 random things in it but still means there are 100,000 combinations for you to use and will not be updated.
2) A full version for £15 that has everything in it for you to keep without paying for it again. This won't be updated either.
3) A full version for £5 for members only. This one will be updated with more names and ideas and will be free for you to use for as long as you like. It'll have log in details that you will need if you need to re-install it for whatever reason, otherwise you'll have to pay for it again if you loose it.

Totally up to you which one you choose! :-D

Amanda is going to be interviewing people to do with writing so keep checking back to see when I start doing them! If you are interested in being interviewed by me just let me know!

I'm looking for an agent who has got room for a passionate new author who just needs a hand to hold now that I'm published. I write for children of all ages from babies to young adults and write at least one book a year of at least 50,000 words as well as at least one picture book a month. If you have got a space for a new children's author, I'd love to hear from you at amanda at stories4childrengroup dot com - thank you!