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This is me... I love being able to put a face to a name so I wanted to share what I look like with all of you too! It's a terrible looking video so don't laugh too hard! lol

A short video introduction to Amanda

I'm looking for an agent who has got room for a passionate new author who just needs a hand to hold now that I'm published. I write for children of all ages from babies to young adults and write at least one book a year of at least 50,000 words as well as at least one picture book a month. If you have got a space for a new children's author, I'd love to hear from you at amanda at stories4childrengroup dot com - thank you!

I won NaNoWriMo 2020 again... yaaaaay! You can see my winner's certificate here if you want to?

I won NaNo 2021 as well! On 7th November 2021 at exactly 10.13am which was a huge sense of relief after the intensity of doing nothing but writing for a whole week! You can see my winners certificate here if you want to?

Share Amanda's passion's?

If you share Amanda's passions for reading and children, either because you are a parent or because you are a children's author or because you are a publisher or agent then this is the site for you!

Amanda's favourite book types?

Amanda has been a bookworm since she first learnt to read and she loves seeing children's reactions to stories that they are either reading themselves or being read to.

Amanda's qualifications

Amanda is qualified to work with children aged 12 months to 7 years 11 months and it's her dream to own her own nursery school. She's taken several online courses about writing for children and she's hoping to keep studying more courses as she finds them. If you're a member, the list is in the members area!

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There are tips and interviews with authors and illustrators in the menu bar at the top of the page... if you want to be interviewed, just let me know!

Amanda's newest book was released on Amazon this week and you can pick up your eBook and paperback version whenever you want! It would be better to get it sooner rather than later though 'cos it's about a pandemic which Amanda hopes will support young teens and help them to feel less alone.

News from around the world!

I've literally just (5pm on 5th December 2020) found an awesome way to get news from around the world about books for children! Come back here regularly to see the stuff that I've found most interesting... they will prolly just be links to the full piece elsewhere on the interwebs but as soon as I find out the information, I'll put it below. I'm hoping it'll be a pretty much daily thing and I'll delete them all each weekend to start off the next week with a fresh space.

I'll put them on my blog and Facebook page too, so if you can't get here every day, just click on over there instead to catch up on all the latest worldwide news! Don't forget to appreciate all my hard work by liking, commenting and/or sharing too!

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2nd December 2022

‘Could my book be as bad as I imagined?’: my verdict on the novel I wrote in a month - Amanda's comment: Ah yes, NaNo. And even more so your first ever NaNo. Yes, you may feel like your first ever NaNo manuscript was total codswallop, but don't give up too soon. My first ever NaNo novel has been assigned to the "Archive" folder because it was so bad but the novels that I cranked out for NaNo20 and JanNo21 are incredibly strong, needed very little editing and are gonna be my two biggest strengths when I re-start querying. Don't give up just because your first ever NaNo novel was totally cringeworthy... use it to spur you on to greater things - I have!

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